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The MaxiCheck MX900 is an 8″ touchscreen, all-systems scanner, and service tablet. This powerful, corded tablet can read and erase codes, view Freeze Frame and, view and graph Live Data, and perform bi-directional Active Tests and Special Functions. The MX900 is also a full-featured service tablet with more than 40 Service and maintenance tasks, including Brake Bleed, Oil and Service lights resets, Battery registration, DPF regen, and Electronic Parking Brake and Steering Angle resets. The MX900 runs on Android 11 and is powered by 1.8 GHZ processor.

MaxiCheck MX900

    • 8" corded Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen tablet
    • Compatible with U.S., Asian, and European vehicles, 1996 and newer
    • Read and erase codes, view and graph Live Data, view Freeze Frame data
    • Perform bi-directional Active Tests and Special Functions
    • Extensive, 40-plus Service Menu
    • Android 11OS, 1.8 Ghz processor, and 7 hours of continuous battery life
    • Update firmware and coverage software wirelessly
    • One Year Limited Warranty
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