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The MaxiIRT IR100 Thermal Imaging Camera measures from -20° C to 450° C (-4° F to 842° F), making heat fluctuation, loss, or buildup visible to the human eye. The dual camera overlay feature allows you to view thermal images over standard images, creating easily identifiable images. The IR100 combines high resolution, auto-focus, a 0.98 second refresh rate, and Wi-Fi image transfer to your PC or mobile device, including your MaxiSYS tablet, for a swift and accurate diagnosis. Adjustable emissivity settings and a choice of five color pallets helps customize the user experience. Troubleshoot brakes, exhaust, heated seats, HVAC and more in seconds.

MaxiIRT IR100

SKU: 849438005443
$679.00 Regular Price
$659.00Sale Price
  • • MaxiIRT IR100 Thermal Imaging Camera 

    • Auto-Focus for Instant Thermal Imaging 

    • 320x240 Infrared Resolution for Clear Image

    • Measures from -20° C to 450° C (-4° F to 842° F) 

    • Wi-Fi Image Transfer to PC or Mobile Device

    • Dual Camera Overlay Feature

    • Adjustable Emissivity Settings (Supports from 0.01 to 1.00) For the Most Accurate Results 

    •Choose from Five Color Palettes: Iron Red, Cool, White, Black, Rainbow (Spectra)

    • 8GB Memory Card Storage Holds Up to 50,000 Pictures

    • 5000mA Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for 4 Hours of Use Per Charge 

    • 0.98s Refresh Rate for Real-Time Accuracy

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